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Apr 3

Mighty Men and John Jeffrey

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With this global economic downturn, virtually no industries have been hiring recently, except one. More of the jobless have been turning their attention to and offering their services to the adult entertainment industry (porn).
smiling shirtless John Jeffery posing for MightyMen
When John Jeffrey showed up for his interview at Mighty Men as a stagehand, many noticed his handsome face and bulge.
shirtless John Jeffery reaching into his underwear at MightyMen
Gay porn stage hands might have to do more than adjust lights or record a model’s identification or deal with model releases, sometimes producer Jon Royce of Mighty Men needs a guy to suck a cock.
shirtless John Jeffery standing in his underwear doing a strip-tease at MightyMen
After stripping down, John Jeffrey exposed a rather large nicely shaped cock, which he stroked to hardness while watching a Mighty Men video featuring Rusty Stevens and Leo Giamani.
smiling shirtless John Jeffery exposing his hard long cock at MightyMen
John Jeffrey then wiped up his splashed cum on carpet and went on to his next interview.
closeup of John Jeffery's hard cock at MightyMen
Enjoy John Jeffrey’s video and photos at Mighty Men.

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