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Jul 2

TyRain’s Wednesday Hunk – Justin Leonard

Category: Hunks

Jul 1

TyRain’s Tuesday Animated gifs

Category: Random Men

Jun 29

TyRain’s Men in the Mirror

Category: Random Men

Jun 28

Jaxton Dominates Bound Jett

Hot and muscular Jaxton comes across as simply knowing he deserves obedience and worship and certainly puts Jett in his place. Enjoy watching this video of yet another Bound God.

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Jun 27

TyRain’s Friday Night – “Freunde – The Whiz Kids”

Category: Gay Films

In the short 21-minute film “Freunde – The Whiz Kids,” two sixteen year old boys, Marcos and Johannes, spend their days racing, wrestling, hanging out, watching videos and playing hide-and-seek at nights. Their closeness develops into a sexual relationship but is it meant to last?

Marcos is played by the very sexy Marlon Kittel, who was born on December 11, 1983 in Essen, Germany, and has been seen in numerous television shows and movies in Germany since the making of this 2001 film.

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